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About Banana Cream OG

Banana Cream OG is a well-balanced hybrid with an appealingly dessert-like flavor. Created by Oregon-based growing operation Vagrant Hill Farms, this strain’s genetic background includes Banana OG, Ocean Beach OG and the uber-popular hybrid Blue Dream. Not to be confused with Banana Cream (which is also descended from Banana OG), Banana Cream OG carries potent effects to accompany its fruity taste. Its THC content has been measured at between a modest 15% and a staggering 30%.

Banana Cream OG is marked by medium to large-sized flowers that adhere in chunky, irregularly-shaped globes. These buds have an indica-leaning internal structure, with a solid, tightly-packed center.

Buy Banana Cream OG


Hybrid Marijuana Effects

Plant genetics can play a large role in the effects people will experience when they consume it. Sativa-dominant hybrids tend to be more uplifting, while indica-dominant strains incorporate more relaxing effects. Buy Banana Cream OG

Buy Banana Cream OG

Sativa vs indica only paints a partial picture of a strain’s effects, however. It’s also important to look at the ratio of THC and CBD, lesser-known cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and THCV, as well as individual terpenes. These all play a role in how a hybrid strain works. Having a knowledge of these factors can help consumers choose an ideal strain. Even so, it can be difficult to know what effects a hybrid will produce before consuming it to find out. The best policy when trying any new strain is to start with a small amount and consume slowly. Buy Banana Cream OG


Growing Hybrid Cannabis

In addition to creating specific effects for consumers, hybrid marijuana is very attractive to growers. Indica cannabis strains tend to have a shorter flowering time and higher yields. Meanwhile, sativas have longer flowering times and lower yields, but many of them are mold- and heat-resistant, making them a more viable crop. Banana Cream OG

Creating new hybrid cannabis strains takes lots of time and effort. It isn’t as simple as just breeding a new strain, as the results will vary until the strain is stabilized. This involves “back-crossing,” or inbreeding that hybrid strain for generations until its characteristics become consistent.Buy Grease Monkey.

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